Shermell SHERM Davis, born and raised in a small city called Albany, Georgia,  just two hours southwest of Atlanta. At the early age of four, unlike the average child his age,   Sherm spent the most of his time drawing and playing records in his room.
I was just doing what I saw my folks doing, he said,
but I would turn the speakers up loud and lay
my head against the speakers to feel the bass.
As a child listening to beats and melodies
the sound would never leave my head, but
by the time I got up in elementary school, I would
beat on the desk sometimes when I get bored and
finished all my work in class. It was a
terrible habit and I stayed in the principal
office for that, but by this  Sherm knew early on he
could move  people with his ear for music by the
reaction of his classmates. Taking his first lesson
in music  at the age of thirteen, he join the band
in middle  school.  Sherm stayed focus in school
by playing in sports and art. Also gifted in drawing,
Sherm's teachers recognized this talent
and entered him into Art Contests where he
placed first place throughout his years in middle
school and high school. He would save money
he earn from the art contests and buy
music equipment. This would be the start of
getting to make his own beats. My first piece of equipment
was a midi controller keyboard I purchased from a computer show. During that time I was on Fruity Loop Pro making beats and it wasn’t as advance as the software is today, said Sherm. As his hobby developed, Sherm's older cousin recognized his potential and kept him around the studio. By the time Sherm was eighteen, he worked with local talent and major recording group “Suthern Klick” and Field Mob who had a record deal with MCA Records known today as, Geffen Records. These artists played a role in Davis learning his way around the recording studio. They appreciate my recording and mixing them and I got compensation for my work, Davis said. Countless other Georgia and Florida artists notice Sherm for his original but unique style of beats. Working with some major recording artist landing placements on their projects was a catapult to getting Sherm the producer’s status. Davis went on with his craft and started his own production company, where he launched Grind Work Music Group LLC., and went back to his first love, making beats. Sherm toured with artist he built working relationships with across the southern region where he was introduced to other sounds and music industry professionals. Sherm knew he had to keep these artist around to attach his sound to and begin creating different beats inspired by all the places he been over the years. Sherm started to become a known face and talent, but the initial response was not as encouraging as he had expected. With the opportunity for a Music Supervisor, Sherm was introduced to the film world threw Maverick Film. Sherm took on a new path which later on went winners of Audience Choice Award, Buffalo Niagara Film Festivals,and Palm Beach International Film Festival in 2008. Eventhough, there were a lot of artists feeling his style of music. Today, you can find Sherm working on building business and in collaboration with other producers and film makers forming his production catalog. When asked, “What’s next”? With his normal, quiet and laid back demeanor, Davis says “my short term goal was to be a Hot Producer ”, when God says it’s time to become larger, I’ll be prepared.